8x10" Screen Print


This item is a beautiful six-colour handmade silkscreen print of a sparrow sitting on a branch.

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Technique: Screen Print
Size: 8x10"

A great print to display in your home, in the living room or the hallway, and would make a perfect gift for someone who loves to see wild birds in their garden.

– Hand printed by us
– Original bird illustration
– Measures 8 x 10 inches
– 6 colour silkscreen print

The common house sparrow is an adorable little British garden bird, often found chirping away with other sparrows in trees, bushes and gardens across the globe. This six colour screen print measures 8×10 inches and features a beautiful sparrow on a branch.

Due to the nature of screen printing, each print may have slight variations from the displayed image making it a unique product. No two prints are exactly the same.