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Postcard from Bali

A custom postcard written just for you, posted from Bali.

You can pay as little or as much as you’d like for your postcard, but bear in mind the price you pay will be reflected in what we create or send to you. This will range from beautiful postcards we’ve found in a shop to designs we’ve hand painted.

Min: £1.00


From 29th January – 3rd February we will be travelling through BaliĀ for the very first time.

Bali is our little beach holiday break on our way down to Australia, though we don’t intend to stick around the party areas for five days. Instead we’re heading out as far as we can get in a short time to see if we can find a Komodo dragon or two.

There’s bound to be some gorgeous postcards from Bali, so if you’d like a little bit of the sunshine sent to you make sure you order it in time!

Please note there will be an additional postage charge per postcard as each will need its own stamp to reach you.