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Origami Godzilla


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Size: 22mm
Material: Soft Enamel
Colour: Pantone 348
Finish: Nickel
Size: 22mm

Don’t be fooled by the size of this origami Godzilla; he’s still got an epic sized fight in him to take on a city even at 22mm tall!

This pin badge is made from soft enamel with a nickel edge and a cool green colour. Whether you’re a fan of the legendary beast or the clean lines of origami, this pin badge is going to look excellent wherever you place it.

The pin features a modern PVC rubber clutch fixing, suitable for heavy wear, which will keep it attached securely wherever you decide to show it off. They are easy on the fingernails and are longer-lasting. If you would prefer a metal clutch, please let us know and we’ll switch it before we send out your pin.