Octopus King

9.5" x 11.8" Digital Print


Limited stock
Technique: Digital Print
Size: 9.5" x 11.8"

The Octopus King is the ruler in his underwater world, protecting his kingdom from invaders and administering justice to keep the peace.

The whimsical design is perfect for a child’s bedroom, or for anyone who wants to add some colour and quirk to their home.

– Measures 24×30 cm (9.5 x11.8 inches)
– High quality digital print
– Ready to ship from the UK

I’m pretty sure one of us has an obsession with sea creatures, especially the kind with tentacles. This print was designed by Abigail in our early days, before we knew how to screen print. The design is the sort of thing that Abigail has floating around her head lot and the obsession with tentacled creatures gives a little insight into our logo design too.

The print is popular at print fairs, especially with younger children who love the colour and creativity of the print. It also looks great in a white frame.