Give Me Space

Enamel Pin


Need a bit of room to breathe? Our ‘Give Me Space’ pin is a stylish way to tell people to back off and let you do your thing.

Limited stock
Size: 25mm
Material: Metal/Enamel

Whether you love your personal space or you’re desperate to go to space, this pin is the perfect accessory.

This item makes a great gift for the introvert in your life, whether that’s you or your best friend.

– Free UK delivery
– 25mm diameter
– Dark blue space
– Hard enamel
– Rubber clutch backing

We love space. We’ve never been but the desire to one day experience it is massive, which is why we wanted to create a space themed enamel pin. For us this pin is our message to the world that we want to live amongst the stars and explore the galaxy just like Jean-Luc Picard or Zaphod Beeblebrox.