‘Designer’ Tote Bag

Cotton Tote Bag


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Technique: Screen Printed
Size: 380mm x 410mm
Fabric: Cotton

Part of the ‘Object Illustration’ series, this design features things a creative designer, artist, student or ‘makers’ might need in their pursuit to create something new or to develop those little ideas we have all the time.

– 380mm wide x 410mm deep
– 100% Cotton Black Fabric
– Two handles
– One big pouch

Screen printed yellow onto 100% cotton graphite grey tote bag.

We love design and art, simply creating things as a hobby or as our day job we can’t live without our day-to-day tools. Whether we are sitting at our computer at our desk or working in the studio and even out searching for inspiration, you can guarantee these objects can be found in use by us and even used in the creation of this poster, an homage to design and being a designer.