About Us

Creating as Things By Us allows us to make things for ourselves and let go of the client work, which never really looks how you wanted it to by the fourth revision meeting. The items you see in our shop are all created out of a passion for design and we have big plans for the future of the shop.

Things by us is the collective name for Abigail Sinclair (AKA “Abe”) and Mark Adamson. We’re a creative couple who currently live in Liverpool, where we make all sorts of things because we just love making. We’ve been partners in life for roughly nine years and partners in business for half of that.

Mark manning The Print Social stall at Northern Craft

Mark is a graphic designer by day, who loves clean, minimal design and has a good eye for typography. He grew up loving design, realising at a young age that he had an interest in design when he was fascinated by details of VHS boxes or cassette tapes. Mark remembers making things in Microsoft Publisher in the late 90’s, like CD covers for mix-tapes, posters, and invites to parties for friends.

Abe on the other hand, is a web designer by day and owns her own business providing web services for a variety of UK businesses. Things By Us gives her a break from the technical stuff, where she can draw whatever colourful things she loves and make without having to send a single email for feedback. Abe has also been making from a very early age, growing up in Liverpool and trying a thousand different ways of making over the years, still getting swept away by new creative crafts she finds.

The most interesting and inspiring times we’ve shared so far were definitely when we packed up our lives and left to travel the world in 2017. We visited 18 countries and learned so much about things outside of our bubble, which we channelled into postcards that we made as we went. Our experiences from that time still give us new ideas today, and the money we make from our shop will most likely fund more trips so that we can continue to be inspired by the world.