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About Things By Us

Hello! We’re Things by us and if you hadn’t guessed already, we love making things. Our team consists of Mark, a full-time graphic designer, and Abigail who is a freelance web designer running our shop where she can.

We’ve been designing together as Things By Us since 2014 when we realised it was more sensible to share the workload than do most of the admin stuff separately. This has really helped both of us to improve our designs as we provide each other with feedback and encouragement where it’s needed.

Creating as Things By Us allows us to make things for ourselves and let go of the client work, which never really looks how you wanted it to by the fourth revision meeting. The items you see in our shop are all created out of a passion for design and we have big plans for the future of the shop.

Abigail Sinclair & Mark Adamson

Mylo the cat - Things by us